Director of Technical Services

Ken Semon

"We spend a considerable amount of time working with the grower. One of the ways we like to try to gauge the condition of the flock is to actually handle the birds so we can make recommendations based on how those birds feel that might be able to guide that grower so he can do even better on his next flock." Ken Semon, Director of Technical Services

When you're a member of the Technical Support team, you're part of Cobb's world-class efforts to help customers do the most with our products.

These efforts aren't just world-class, they're world-wide. And you're a vital part, regularly working in close collaboration with other technical support teams from Lima to Lagos.

"We support each other very well. If a customer has an issue, we all come together and make that our problem as a team and solve those problems."

We also have a World Technical Support group made up of acclaimed specialists in a variety of disciplines and a World Technical School that takes place every May for two weeks. These vital components of our business were established not just for the benefit of our customers, but also for employees like you who, in the end, are as much a product of Cobb's dedication and passion as anything else.

At Cobb, the goal of helping our customers advance their opportunities is intrinsically tied to the goal of helping associates do the exact same thing.

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