Quality Assurance Manager

Dominic Smith

"The thing that gives me the most satisfaction about my role is the ability to put into practice everything I learned – at both university and my time in the training program at Cobb. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s important to stay flexible because we face different challenges each day." Dominic Smith, Quality Assurance Manager, Europe

Dominic joined Cobb as part of our two-year graduate training program, where he spent time in each department – from production on farms to sales and customer service. In his extremely varied role, Dominic can be found visiting farms to check their biosecurity procedures or supporting our production team with various quality assurance programs.

“The thing I’ve enjoyed most about my career with Cobb is that I’ve been allowed to grow as a person; I’ve been given opportunities to build on technical knowledge and develop management skills. Cobb doesn’t offer someone a job, they provide a career. They’re passionate about developing team members because they want them to stay for life.”

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