Energy Savings

Cobb-Vantress is committed to building a future that achieves economic growth and that preserves our environment.

Throughout our company, we’re focusing on recycling, solar heating systems, and using the latest efficiency lighting at our hatcheries, farms, and offices.  Our newest hatchery even recycles exhaust air.

We believe that lowering our carbon footprint through renewable energy and reduced waste initiatives represents a sound business model that will both benefit our business and contribute to sustainable food production in the future.

Cobb recycling programs at our facilities include saving aluminum, plastics, batteries, cardboard, paper, and scrap equipment.  Cassandra Harried worked on waste reduction efforts to recycle cardboard at facilities.  This has resulted in a reduction in the number of loads of waste being picked up per week from 9 per week down to 6.

Energy savings – transportation department has recently evaluated the delivery routes of trucks to help save fuel in the long run

Construction – HVAC systems in our newest facilities utilize Vacuum Activated Valves (VAV) that help maintain a constant temperature.  Individual room needs are made up with in-duct electric heaters and building insulation has been reinforced to increase energy savings.  These are present at the Lafayette Hatchery, Corporate Lab, and Global world headquarters.

The Lafayette hatchery, besides having state of the art insulation technology, makes use of heat recovery from the incubation equipment to warm incoming air in the winter, thus saving significantly on energy costs.  Further East, the new North Carolina quality assurance facility has installed additional insulation to meet the US energy threshold.

Energy efficient light fixtures are being retrofitted in most of our facilities, and even though they are more expensive, the equipment life is prolonged and energy costs are reduced.  We even use some LED lighting in the new global headquarters.  Additionally,  motion sensor switches are being used that turn off lights automatically when no one is in a room.

Through these and future dedicated efforts, Cobb-Vantress will continue our commitment to building a future that reduces waste and preserves our environment.

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