Enhancing Animal Well-Being

Caring for chickens is a 365 day per year job and passion for employees and farmers at Cobb! All employees and family farmers responsible for Cobb chickens recognize that we have an ethical requirement for the daily care, health and well-being of our chickens. We pledge to serve as ‘care-givers’ of our chickens, respecting and treating them in a proper humane manner and complying with best practices. To enhance bird well-being, we produce and raise Cobb chickens in secure, climate-controlled facilities that allow us to provide the ideal temperature, lighting, ventilation and management practices according to the age and developmental stage of the birds. This secure environment allows us to protect our chickens from extreme temperatures, weather and predators.  Per Cobb’s quality assurance guidelines, the biosecurity and hygiene of the farms and hatcheries are closely monitored and this further reduces the potential for exposure to disease and injury.  All Cobb employees and farmers are trained in animal welfare and animal husbandry methods so that the facility, environment, equipment, and handling procedures are carried out in a way that minimizes bird fear and stress. Providing an ideal situation for our chickens is imperative and must operate year-round:

  • fully-contained feeding and water systems that deliver nutritive feed and clean, fresh water
  • ventilation systems that provide fresh air and remove gases from the chicken house while maintaining the optimal temperature that is required for the age of the chicken, regardless of the external climate or temperature
  • electrical systems that sound alarms and provide reassurances for the well-being of the chickens at all times – night and day – if the expected standard is not being met, or if there is an unexpected emergency or loss of power
  • specially formulated poultry diets that comply with Cobb standards and meet the nutritional needs for the chicken in each stage of its life
  • custom-built transportation systems that safeguard the health, security and comfort of the birds during the movement from the hatchery to the farm, and from the rearing farm to the laying farm
  • secure construction of buildings that protect our birds from disease, predators, climatic conditions and exposure to extreme variations in temperature with regular monitoring and preventative maintenance programs that focus on the comfort and safety of our birds and people

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