Optimizing Animal Health

Optimal bird health is a critical component of the welfare of all of the chickens at Cobb farms and hatcheries. We strive to produce chickens that are robust, healthy and disease-free. Cobb’s veterinary and quality assurance department use various standards to help achieve this goal. These animal health standards include strict biosecurity measures, regular health monitoring and use of approved vaccines.  Biosecurity measures are mandatory for all employees, visitors, and equipment or vehicles that may enter a facility to safeguard against the introduction and spread of pathogens that may cause disease for our chickens. The Cobb health monitoring program requires regular submission of samples from birds and facilities to an approved diagnostic laboratory for testing.  When possible, Cobb uses non-invasive sampling methods; however, all employees and farmers are trained in bird handing and sampling methods that minimize stress for the birds.  All diagnostic equipment and methods meet or exceed the national quality standards and allow Cobb to verify that birds are free from infectious poultry diseases.  Licensed veterinarians are responsible for the oversight of vaccination programs so that Cobb chickens will have the expected immune response for the health of the breeder flock and the progeny that are produced for our customers.  All chicken flocks are evaluated daily by trained, caring caretakers to ensure that optimal conditions and husbandry will allow the birds to maintain good health.  These daily evaluations include provision of fresh water, provision of feed in the correct amount per the Cobb feeding program for the age of the flock, the correct temperature and ventilation, and assessing the flock’s behavior and basic health status.

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