Pursuit of Innovation in the Poultry Industry

The success of a company depends on many factors, but key features include a strong focus on customer service and providing broiler breeder products that meets the expectations of each customer. Cobb has been providing technical expertise and a quality product to its customers since 1916 and clearly understands the importance of innovation and product performance.
Cobb’s goal is to produce balanced products for its customers that include a breeder with excellent egg production, hatchability, egg quality, livability and health attributes, and a broiler with outstanding feed efficiency, growth, robustness, leg health and fitness characteristics. While these traditional selection traits are still critical to line improvement and product development for each of Cobb’s chicken pedigree lines, Cobb’s Research and Development team has also introduced and been using many advanced trait measurement technologies designed to help further improve selection for both economic performance and animal well-being. Examples of these innovative technologies include: use of the X-ray lixiscope to verify the skeletal integrity of each candidate pedigree chicken and to select chickens during the growth phase that have optimal leg structure; use of the pulse oximeter to measure degree of oxygenation of the blood so that only birds with optimal cardiovascular fitness are selected; and use of specialized walking and posture tools to measure the mobility of individual chickens in order to identify birds with optimal gait and posture.
Cobb’s R&D Team of genetic specialists also includes experts in biotechnology and genomics who are actively studying the possibility of using genetic markers from routine individual bird blood samples to help improve the accuracy of selection of traits like feed efficiency, disease resistance, innate immunity and improved heart and lung health function that are difficult to determine by physical observations alone. Cobb is a well-recognized supporter of the external poultry research community and actively works with experts in academic settings and allied industry to develop new tools that can improve bird handling, husbandry methods, selection accuracy, and understanding of poultry nutrition, physiology, health and well-being.
Cobb is recognized throughout the world for the quality of its technical team and the expert advice that they provide to Cobb customers, farmers and employees. Cobb’s World Technical Team includes specialists in all aspects of poultry production: hatchery, broiler management, breeder management, nutrition, avian health, quality assurance, and processing. These specialists travel around the world to help Cobb customers achieve excellence in production performance, animal welfare, and husbandry methods in Cobb broiler and breeder products. This is part of Cobb’s commitment to optimizing broiler performance and to the success of each Cobb customer worldwide.  

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