Serving as Stewards of our Chickens

Cobb is committed to respecting and treating our chickens in a proper humane manner. This is our responsibility and our motivation that serves as a foundation for our training programs, our husbandry methods and the breed selection for the future.  As stewards of our chickens, we accept the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare: Freedom from hunger and thirst; Freedom from discomfort; Freedom to express normal behavior; Freedom from fear and distress; and Freedom from pain, injury and disease.  Training is required for all employees and the family farmers that raise Cobb chickens and includes these 5 Freedoms, animal husbandry techniques, and biosecurity.  Training initially begins with orientation when Cobb hires a new employee or contracts with a new family farmer.  Training then continues with regular monthly awareness discussions and annual training modules to reiterate our expectations for animal welfare, animal health and biosecurity.  We believe that this training is imperative to building knowledge and understanding for all of our team as we care for our birds at all stages of the production cycle. While we strive to have healthy, robust birds at all of our facilities, we also understand the importance of euthanasia of sick or injured birds so that we can limit suffering for that bird.  Our farmers and employees are therefore fully trained to evaluate individual birds within the flock so that they can remove and euthanize any birds that have been injured, are sick or those that do not meet quality standards. The approved euthanasia methods used at Cobb are performed so that the bird experiences minimal pain and distress and death is achieved quickly and consistently.  Our dedication to our employees, our farmers, and most importantly to our chickens allows Cobb to make continuous improvement in our breeds, our husbandry and management practices and the well-being and health of our chickens.

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