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Oct 23, 2015

Centennial Press Kit

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Cobb Introduces MV Male to South Korea’s Harim Group

The Cobb World and Asia technical support teams introduced the MV Male to the Harim Group last month during a seminar in Iksan City, South Korea.

“MV Males are well known for being very efficient feed converters and having fantastic growth rates,” said Dr. Orlando Fernandez, director of Asia Technical Service. “This product requires slightly different management approaches to perform at the top of its genetic potential.” More than 50 attendees visited Harim’s breeder and broiler farms and hatcheries during the seminar. Discussion topics included biosecurity, uniformity, ventilation and managing male body weight.


Fernandez said the seminar was a great opportunity for Cobb’s technical experts to get hands-on access to Harim facilities so they could identify needs and make recommendations for best results out of the MV Male. Harim employees learned about brooding efficiency and increasing final broiler performance results.


Harim Group is one of the biggest agri-food companies in Korea with 52 affiliated companies, founded in 1978. The group also operates a prominent research and development center in Korea’s agriculture and livestock industry with focus on food safety. Harim is the number one producer of chicken, pork and feed in South Korea. The company also makes beef, duck and television home shopping products. Harim Group owns 11 additional companies in the U.S., China, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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